DMRS staff can be reached during business hours by calling (915) 532-3975. 

Dial 1000 to reach our receptionist for basic information regarding office location, hours, walk-in hours, and information regarding our Free Legal Services Program.

Please note that our receptionist cannot schedule appointments.  

If you have a question about your case or need to schedule an appointment, please dial the extension of the appropriate staff member.

DMRS staff contact details are listed below. To ensure that your voicemail message is returned, please make sure to leave your full name, telephone number, and your case number (if you are a current client).  Please allow DMRS staff TWO business days to return your call.  staff do not check messages after hours.

Our Fax number is: (915) 532-4071

*ALL faxes MUST contain a cover letter with the name of the staff member to whom the fax is directed.  If you do not include a cover letter, your fax may not reach the intended recipient.

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Please email our Director of Communications, Sandra Ramirez, at SRAMIREZ@DMRS-EP.ORG.  

DMRS Staff Directory:


Melissa M. Lopez, Executive Director/Attorney at Law, ext. 1001

Anna L. Hey, Deputy Director/Attorney at Law, ext. 1002

Lorenza “Lori” Facio, Administrative Assistant, ext. 1003

Mayra Perez, Office Manager, ext. 1407

Catherine A. Hudak, Development Coordinator, ext. 1005

Mary R. Munoz, Receptionist/Cashier, ext. 1004

Ana de Castorena, Receptionist, ext. 1000

Sandra Ramirez, Communications Director, ext. 1007

Crime Victims

Sandra Luz Arias, Accredited Representative, ext. 1101

Pearl Chavez, Caseworker, ext. 1102

General Legal Services

Alberto Lopez, Accredited Representative/General Legal Services Unit Supervisor, ext. 1201

Adriana Prieto-MendozaAccredited Representativeext. 1206

Wendy LopezAccredited Representative, ext. 1203

Armida Moncayo, Caseworker, ext. 1205

Erika I. Garcia, Accredited Representative, ext. 1202

Jessica Mireles, Accredited Representative, ext. 1204

Legal Orientation Program

Jessica Chavira, Accredited Representative/Supervisor, ext. 1301

Edgard Maldonado, Accredited Representative, ext. 1306

Cecilia “Ceci” Lopez, Caseworker, ext. 1305

Mitsumi Herrera, Caseworker, ext. 1304

Betty Tercero, Accredited Repesentative, ext. 1307

Paola Fernandez, Caseworker, ext. 1303

Marcela Camarena, Caseworker, ext.1302

Amanda Ventura, Caseworker, ext.1308

Religious Workers

Melissa M. Lopez, Executive Director/Attorney at Law/Supervisor, ext. 1001

Anna Hey, Deputy Executive Director/Attorney at Lawext. 1002

Annabel Veloz, Religious Caseworker, ext. 1008

Removal Defense

Marysol Bretado, Staff Attorney/Supervisor, ext. 1401

Miriam Cruz, Staff Attorney, ext. 1404

Marina Chavez, Staff Attorney, ext. 1405

Valgina Rodriguez-Calderon, Staff Attorney/HIAS Border Fellow, ext. 1412

Jesus Güereca, Staff Attorney, ext. 1409

Suzette Meza, Legal Assistant, ext.1406

Cynthia Lucero, Pro Bono Volunteer Coordinator, ext. 1006

Daniela Lagunes, Legal Assistant, ext. 1411

Maria Najera, Legal Assistant, ext. 1410

Adriana Nevarez, Legal Assistant, ext. 1403

Vianey Reyes, Legal Assistant, ext. 1413

Unaccompanied Minors

Melissa M. Lopez, Executive Director/Attorney at Law/Supervisor, ext. 1001

Natasha Reyes-Diaz, Staff Attorney, ext. 1511

Jamye Boon Ward, Volunteer Attorney, ext. 1502

Jacob Wedemeyer, Staff Attorney/Children’s Program Director, ext. 1501

A’Kiesha Soliman, Staff Attorney, ext. 1509

Leslie Gandara, Caseworker, ext. 1503

Dolores Rosales, Social Worker, BSW, ext. 1507

Irma Tinoco, Legal Assistant, ext. 1508

Daniela Garcia del Rivero, Caseworker, ext. 1504

Sandra Marisol Gomez de Ramirez, Caseworker, ext. 1505

Diego Murcia, Caseworker, ext. 1514

Alex Ortiz, Caseworker, ext. 1517

Daniel Carreto, Data Entry, ext. 1516

Luis Jacquez, Caseworker, ext. 1506

Ana Sifuentes, Caseworker, ext. 1512

Sister Meggie Flores, Caseworker, ext. 1519

Maya Street-Sachs, Caseworker, ext. 1521

Maritza Nazario, Caseworker, ext. 1513

Rebecca Macias, Caseworker, ext. 1510

Maria Hernandez, Caseworker, ext. 1518,

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