DMRS offers a comprehensive range of free and low-cost immigration legal services, legal education and workshops for detainees and the community at large, free classes for individuals learning English or seeking citizenship in the U.S., and refugee resettlement services.

  • Free Legal Services: available to low-income Texas residents who are able to demonstrate eligibility.
  • Consultations: available Monday through Thursday during walk-in hours. Please see the consultation page for more details.
  • Legal Representation: representation provided in a range of immigration related matters.
  • Services for Detainees: education and workshops for adults and children detained in local ICE detention centers.
  • Refugee Resettlement:  resettlement assistance to individuals who have been granted refugee status and are newly arrived in the United States, or to individuals who have recently been granted asylum status.
  • English & Civics Classes: Free classes to assist individuals who wish to learn English; preparation for the U.S. Naturalization exam.
  • Community Educationwe provide legal education and workshops to the community by request.
  • Resourceshelpful resources available on the web

NOTE: for assistance with your immigration case, you MUST come to the office for an in-person consultation; DMRS does not provide legal advice by phone or email.  We provide certain exceptions for individuals detained at local ICE detention centers. For more information, see the  Legal Orientation Program.


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