DMRS’ Crime Victims Unit handles a wide-variety of cases, including:

  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Petitions (I-360)
  • U Visa/Nonimmigrant Status applications (I-918)
  • T Visa/Nonimmigrant Status applications (I-914)
  • Petitions to Remove the Conditions on Residence (based on domestic violence) (I-751)
  • Other benefits available to survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, or other violent crimes.

Survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and other violent crimes are eligible for a number of benefits under Immigration law.  Cases of eligible survivors are handled by our Crime Victims Program staff.  During your consultation, an Accredited Representative will ask questions about you, your family life, your immigration history, and your criminal history.  At the conclusion of your consultation, you will be advised regarding your eligibility to apply for immigration benefits.  If you are eligible, our Crime Victims Program staff will prepare and file your application.  With your continued cooperation, we will provide representation until a final decision is reached in your case.  It is important that all prior immigration history or criminal history be disclosed during the consultation; there are ways to remedy these situations if they are disclosed.  However, if you do not disclose this information, it is likely it will be discovered later in the process and may affect your application.


Consultations with our Crime Victims Program are conducted by appointment only.  Please contact Sandra Arias at (915) 532-3975 x215 to schedule an appointment.  The consultation fee is $50 for those who do not qualify for Free Legal Services.  In order to properly assess your case and your eligibility for benefits, please bring the following documentation to your first appointment if applicable:

  • Police report (for victims of a crime)
  • Marriage certificate if married (for victims of domestic violence)

** NOTE: If your original documents are torn or otherwise in poor condition, you may be asked to obtain new certified copies.

Meet Our Crime Victims Unit Staff:

Should you have any questions about your case, please contact your assigned caseworker using the contact information below.  If you have any concerns about your case that are not being addressed by your caseworker, please contact Toni Zamora to discuss your concerns.

NOTE: Phone and email inquiries with specific questions will only be answered for current clients.  If you would like to inquire about your eligibility, you must visit our office for an in-person consultation.  We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Anna Hey
Deputy Director/Attorney at Law/Supervisor

(915) 532-3975, ext. 1002

Sandra Luz Arias
Accredited Representative
(915) 532-3975, ext. 1101

Pearl Chavez
(915) 532-3975, ext. 1102

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