“You Belong” Mural

“You Belong” Mural for DMRS by Artists Kelsey Kilcrease & Nikki Diaz
Mural Address; 2400 E. Yandell Dr. El Paso, TX 79903

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Collaboration with Old Sheepdog Brewery


Saturday, July 23 | 4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Old Sheepdog Brewery
3900 Rosa Ave. | El Paso, TX

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Custom “You Belong” Lager
Brewed by Old Sheepdog Brewery in El Paso, TX

Custom “You Belong” Growlers

Contact AHey@dmrs-ep.org to purchase a “You Belong” growler. Proceeds will go toward providing immigration legal services to people in our community.

Custom “You Belong” T-Shirt by Chuco Relic

As part of Chuco Relic’s Chuco Gives Back program, 15% of the proceeds from the purchase of your t-shirt will be donated to DMRS and will be applied toward providing immigration legal services to immigrants in our community.

Artist Statement by Kelsey Kilcrease and Nikki Diaz

In this mural, we wanted to depict a mother and child; Mary and Jesus. Their relationship, their bond is the ultimate symbol of love, sacrifice, and humanity.

We modeled the mother and child after our grandmother Olga Chacon Diaz and her son Davy Diaz. Our grandmother personifies unconditional love, something we her family are reminded of each time she embraces us. To us, she is also a symbol of strength, because we know the hardships and sacrifices she has made for our family. She is a selfless woman who would go to any lengths to protect, comfort, and nurture her loved ones. Our Uncle Davy passed away unexpectedly a few years ago; his loss left our grandmother heartbroken. She would have gone to the ends of the Earth for him, and would have done anything for him.

We feel the statement “you belong” is a concise message to anyone who reads it, that all are welcome in our city. This city is a bridge between cultures. The Spanish statement “somos de aquí, somos de allá” reaffirms the idea that El Paso is a city born of two nations. Our family is a blend of immigrants and Tejanos, a proud heritage that is passed down to each new generation. We are a family not defined by any one identity, but one made of many. We are not defined by which side of a line we were born on, but by the bonds we create and the love we are so willing to share. The bright florals and ornate details represent the beauty and vibrance of cultura.

The monarch butterflies represent the natural tendencies of migration that supersede man-made borders; and are symbolic of the delicate metamorphosis of life, new beginnings, and a new home. We hope visitors who see our mural at DMRS, they feel a sense of belonging, regardless of their origins. We hope that when they see our Mother and Child they see their own mothers, their family; that they feel embraced by our community. Ultimately, we are all human beings who all want the best possible life for ourselves and our family.

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